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“We believe there is a better way to smoke, and that the positive decisions we all make can have a significant effect on our personal health and the well-being of our world. We can have a positive influence on a broad and increasing global issue: human health and wellness, by switching from tobacco-based cigarettes to a tobacco-free, nicotine-free healthier alternative.” – Khoor Team

There are 1.3 billion smokers around the globe today. 55% of those smokers are trying to quit.

Despite the fact that they have been around for over 15 years, e-cigarettes and vaping account for less than 5% of overall nicotine use in the United States, according to Nielsen statistics, with many consumers eventually switching to cigarettes. The explanation for this is simple: these alternatives exacerbate nicotine addiction by using a method that consumers dislike.

KHOOR™ satisfies hand-to-mouth fixations and motor-habits when smoking, without nicotine

We assume that what you put in your body has a significant effect on what you get out of life. At KHOOR™ we realize that using hemp-based materials in our cigarettes makes it easier to make healthier choices. And we do it all while thinking about our producers, our supply chain, and our environment. After all, we're all in this together.

KHOOR™ has been meticulously created to closely resemble the sensory aspects of smoking a nicotine tobacco cigarette.

KHOOR is tobacco-free and nicotine free, providing current smokers of legal age the choice to keep the experience of smoking, but without consuming nicotine. Thanks to a refinement technique, Khoor gives off a clean and green taste that is similar to actual tobacco. This similarity contributes to an experience that is expected to be highly familiar to smokers.

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"Tobacco will kill one billion (1,000,000,000) people this century, if we do nothing. It is the world’s leading preventable killer, driving an epidemic of cancer, heart disease, stroke, chronic lung disease and other non-communicable diseases. But the good news is: we know the most effective strategies for stopping it."
W.H.O Global Ambassador
"We are proud that our two organizations have worked together for almost two decades to illuminate the myriad harms of tobacco use, and offers a set of proven tools to advance a tobacco-free, healthier world. We urge people to stand with us shoulder-to-shoulder to reduce this man-made epidemic in pursuit of a healthier planet."
Chief Medical Officer, American Cancer Society

Smoking HEMP is healthier and safer alternative than traditional cigarettes.

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