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Khoor Cigarette
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What is a KHOOR Cigarette?

KHOOR™ Cigarettes are a unique and innovative cigarette alternative, crafted from a blend of plant-based hemp and organic peppermint leaf. This combination offers a natural, tobacco & nicotine-free experience, aligning with a health-conscious lifestyle without compromising on satisfaction. A vital 1st step towards quitting tobacco & nicotine for good.

Natural Ingredients

Our hemp & peppermint leaf blend has a filtered rich, bold, organic taste.

Safer Alternative

A satisfying non-addictive alternative to ordinary cigarettes or cigars.

Physical Nature

Satisfies "hand-to-mouth" fixation and "motor habits" when smoking.


A non-tobacco product, made with the cleanest, farm-bill compliant US Farmed hemp & organic peppermint leaf.


It takes 72 hours for nicotine to exit your system. KHOOR contains absolutely zero nicotine.


THC content as required by law is less than 0.3% hemp is non-psychoactive.

KHOOR 2.0: Enhanced Excellence

Experience the next level of satisfaction, KHOOR now enhanced with a delicious organic peppermint leaf blend for unparalleled flavor. Upgraded in August 2023, enjoy our new sweetened tipping paper, stronger menthol filters, and optimized sidestream rod-paper for a truly premium smoking experience.

new tipping paper

A touch of sweetness before every smoke, enhancing your every puff.

Khoor Menthol

Bold, refreshing menthol intensity for a truly satisfying inhale.

new blend

A perfected recipe, thoughtfully combining hemp and organic peppermint leaf for a new cool and invigorating taste.

new rod paper

Reducing smoke output while maintaining the rich flavor profile you’ve come to expect, delivering a more enjoyable smoke.

Build your order.

Don’t go to the store if you don’t have to.

Our Original flavor has a rich, bold, powerful taste containing zero nicotine & zero tobacco. Satisfy your smoking rituals & routine with KHOOR Originals.

Our Menthol flavor, which is our most popular, is a wonderful tobacco Menthol substitute that is filled with a smooth, crisp dose of minty freshness. 

Experience the exquisite taste of KHOOR’s NEW Vanilla flavor cigarette – a smooth blend of premium herbs with a touch of delightful vanilla essence. Tobacco & nicotine-free satisfaction awaits.

Introducing KHOOR’s Berry Blue flavor cigarette – a delightful blend of premium herbs with a burst of delicious blueberry goodness. A refreshing tobacco & nicotine-free alternative. Taste the freedom with our NEW Berry Blue!!