Frequently Asked

Khoor ensures the highest quality, safest product through our microbial decontamination processes. As seen on our Certificate of Analysis, we provide a FULL-PANEL clean certificate, that not 1 other company in the hemp smokable industry provides.

We are passionate about helping our customers and understand the industry is rapidly changing. So we focus on cleaner, greener, Farm Bill compliant product, to ensure our customers are smoking clean.

Khoor Tobacco-Free Cigarettes are tested & evaluated in third-party independent laboratories for each batch. On our website and through a QR code on your pack, we publish the test results for each batch. Our goods are designed to meet or surpass industry quality standards. We use the highest ranked laboratory available, Kaycha Labs.

As all hemp does, our hemp-base material shows 0.082% and all of our products have less than the federally compliant 0.3 percent THC and under. You will not get high.

According to the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, all hemp products sold in the United States must have a thc content of less than 0.3%. In KHOOR’s case, our hemp only comprises of 0.08%, which is incredibly low and you will not experience any psychoactive effects. All products that contain hemp contain 0.3% THC or less, thus not all products have exactly 0.3% concentration.

Similar to the “Gluten Free” industry, food companies and products can also claim to be “gluten-free” even though they can officially “contain any amount less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten.”

Yes! Your Khoor Tobacco-Free Cigarettes are very safe. The hemp plant is a strong, oily plant, with nutrients abundant in all areas of the plant.

In fact, this is a positive indicator as it signifies the hemp contains a variety of nutritious & health-promoting compounds that you may already have in your local stores or at home.

Some of the plant can soak into the paper over time, resulting in the blotches you may or may not observe. This is proof that your Khoor Cigarettes are pure, green and clean which distinguishes us from other brands.

While cigarette tobacco can be dry, brown, and lifeless, Khoor Cigarettes are full of the living oils that makes this plant so unique as a better option. There are no added oils, extracts or chemicals.

All Khoor products and supply chain comply with federally legal requirements and facility standards.

We fully disclose our supply chain for all products, adhere to all supply chain-related regulatory requirements, and demonstrate a commitment to good manufacturing practices federally and on all state levels.

KHOOR’s plant-based hemp material is produced in compliance with all USDA and state hemp-cultivation requirements. We are welcome to provide proper certifications, licenses and lab reports upon requests.

How do I redeem a Coupon Code?
Visit our Shop and select a product. You have the choice to apply a discount code when you are in your shopping cart or at checkout. Select Apply Code after adding the discount code & enjoy!

Reward Points:
Our KHOOR™ Loyalty Rewards program is something we’re glad to provide, and we strongly advise using your points when available. You receive 5 reward points for every $1 spent. Additionally, you can gain points by recommending friends and also receive our largest discount of 50% Off for reviews you leave on our website. Learn how it works here.  

Coupon Codes:
Only one discount code is allowed per order. Every online promotional code has a set expiration date and is only valid for one purchase per customer. Furthermore, discount codes and reward points cannot be combined. Orders for Auto-Ship Subscriptions are not eligible for discounts because they are already discounted. Note that some promotional codes call for you to be registered & logged into your KHOOR™ account.

KHOOR Cigarettes are made with USA Farm Bill Compliant hemp base material that has been sanitized, processed and cleaned to contain nothing harmful. This product contains no marijuana, CBD oil, or any other herbal ingredients besides hemp.

This similarity leads to a familiar feeling for smokers. Smokers over the age of 21 have the option to completely drop tobacco & nicotine without sacrificing the smoking experience thanks to KHOOR™️. 

Smoking in any form is considered unhealthy. KHOOR™️ merely serves as a stand-in product to facilitate the quitting of tobacco & nicotine and for those looking for a healthier alternative similar to the plant-based meat alternative market.

With KHOOR cigarettes, tobacco cigarette smokers can now quit the nicotine and tobacco. KHOOR is significantly safer and healthier than regular cigarettes because it doesn’t include any addictive chemicals, hazardous toxins, or additives.

Only current legal users of tobacco products who are of legal age may use KHOOR™. The Food and Drug Administration has not and is not required to review any of KHOOR™’s statements. The purpose of this product is not to identify, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.


is only for use by current tobacco smokers of legal age. Statements made by KHOOR™ regarding not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Shipping & Returns

We use USPS to send all of our online retail orders. 

Depending on the order option you choose, all orders generally take anywhere between 2-5 working days to arrive. 

We offer FREE Shipping on all orders over $45.00. Priority Rate and First Class shipping depends on your zip-code location. Expedited overnight shipping cost a flat rate of $19.99.

Yes. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email, followed by another one once your item is shipped. If you choose USPS Priority delivery or Expedited, your tracking number will be included in the completed email. Tracking numbers are not included in USPS First-Class.

No. Unfortunately we can only ship Khoor products domestically within the United States.

We do not accept returns of Khoor products as all sales are final. 

In the rare event that an item arrives damaged or defective, the customer is responsible for letting us know via phone or email within 24 hours of receipt. The customer is to save all packaging and shipping materials until notified otherwise.

Please call or text Khoor’s customer support at 1-855-331-4563 so that we can work together to resolve the issue. Please be prepared to provide your order number. Please email sales@khoor.com for the quickest response time.


We currently accept all relevant credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, & AMEX through Square secure payment processing. We also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay & Amazon Pay.

We only accept payments in USD and do not accept bitcoin.

Following your initial order, all following orders will be charged to your credit card and mailed automatically.

You can change your order dates, KHOOR carton amounts, or flavor at any time by logging into your account. You can also put your Auto-Ship membership on hold or postpone it.

Buy With Prime FAQ

Millions of Prime members in the US may shop directly from participating online retailers using Buy with Prime, benefiting from the trusted Amazon shopping experience that includes quick, free delivery, a simple checkout process, and returns on qualified orders. When you shop on khoor.com, qualifying products will display the Prime logo and delivery guarantee, indicating that free delivery, as soon as the following day, and free returns are available.

You can check out by logging into your Amazon account by clicking the Buy with Prime button, which populates your payment and delivery information on the single product page below ‘Add to Cart’. After placing your order, you will get an email confirming it, and once it has been dispatched, you will get another email with a tracking link.

You will be required to enter into your Amazon account when you choose to buy a product on khoor.com using the Buy with Prime feature. Then, using your preferred payment method saved in your Amazon account, you can finalize your order.

YES! The fast, free delivery, free returns on eligible products, and the easy checkout process that customers have come to expect from Buy with Prime orders are all included.

By clicking the link in your shipping confirmation email, you can access the KHOOR.com order details website where you may view the status of your order. You cannot view or track orders for Buy with Prime purchases on your Amazon.com orders page or in the Amazon mobile app.

Some orders placed through Buy with Prime are returnable. View your order status using the URL in the email you received after placing your order to begin a return. You can start the return procedure and print a USPS return label from there. As long as the returned items are in sellable condition and returned within the return window, you will receive a full refund for eligible orders. Contact us here if you have any inquiries concerning return eligibility or the return procedure. Orders placed through Buy with Prime are protected by the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee.

Yes, you must be a Prime member to purchase products using Buy with Prime on KHOOR.com. When you click on the Buy with Prime button, you will be prompted to sign in to your Amazon account, and your order will be processed using your preferred payment and shipping information stored in your Amazon account.

Buy with Prime does not support subscriptions.

Your delivery address and the kind of item you buy will both affect how much sales tax is applied to your orders. The total state and local tax rates applied to your address make up the tax rate. If your order is transported to another state, for instance, even though you live in a state without sales tax, tax may still be collected on it. When you place an order, sales tax is calculated and applied.

Buy With Prime Shipping & Returns

Click the link in the order confirmation email to access your order details page, where you can start the return process for an eligible product you bought using Buy with Prime. You can then choose the item(s) you want to return and print a return mailing label from that point on. then deliver your box to a USPS facility in your neighborhood. It should be noted that orders made with Buy with Prime cannot be returned via any carrier other than USPS, and they also cannot be delivered to any of the following Amazon locations: Amazon Lockers, Whole Foods, or Amazon Go.

Once the item is delivered to and scanned by a USPS station, you will be reimbursed for qualified orders. If not, the refund will be performed after our fulfillment center receives and inspects the item. The refund may not appear in your account for up to seven business days.

The easy checkout process and quick, free shipping and returns on eligible items are offered by Buy with Prime purchases, which are trusted by customers. By clicking the link in your shipping confirmation email, you can access the KHOOR.com order details website where you may view the status of your order. You cannot view or track orders for Buy with Prime purchases on your Amazon.com orders page or in the Amazon mobile app. Being sells and fulfills each and every order placed through the Buy with Prime program on Amazon. At checkout, delivery estimates are given.

You will receive a second shipment confirmation for any additional items you decide to buy that are not a part of the Buy with Prime program. While the Buy with Prime program guarantees 1-2 day delivery, all other items must wait the customary 1-3 Business Days for processing.

Our customer care team is here for you.

Questions or comments? KHOOR Care Team is available Monday – Friday, 9AM-7PM EST at sales@khoor.com
As a KHOOR Auto-Ship subscriber, you are subject to all of the Terms & Conditions associated with the usage of the KHOOR.com website. The company reserves the right to change the conditions of the Auto-Ship program and the terms of usage at any time. Where prohibited, promotions are void. Additional taxes and/or fees may apply to purchases.
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