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What is the difference between Hemp & Tobacco?

July 16, 2022

What is the difference between Hemp & Tobacco?


This article explains the differences between hemp and tobacco, including CBD content and potential health benefits. Hemp cigarettes are a potential replacement for tobacco cigarettes, but more research is needed to determine if they are safe. –

What is Hemp?

After decades of prohibition, a brand-new market developed after the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp throughout the United States of America. KHOOR was actively trying to revolutionize the venerable tobacco-cigarette industry because tobacco manufacture is a legacy sector with declining sales. We regarded this as a fantastic opportunity to radically transform the cigarette industry when we saw that hemp was legalized. We developed the world’s best cigarette style brand, known as the KHOOR®, under the KHOOR® trademark. This item spread like wildfire and has continued to expand across America, becoming the first brand to be associated with smoking hemp in the form of cigarettes to receive national recognition.

Hemp does not contain the nicotine found in tobacco and may be a potential tool for reducing nicotine cravings and nicotine addiction. Some studies suggest that smoking hemp cigarettes can help people quit smoking tobacco. Pre-rolled hemp cigarettes are also available, but it is important to note that they still contain CBD, although much less or virtually no THC unlike cannabis pre-rolls. 

Hemp offers smokers a non-tobacco, tobacco-free substitute to smoking cigarettes. Smoking hemp is not the same as smoking tobacco cigarettes since it does not contain nicotine or any of the other harmful chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes.

Hemp smokes, on the other hand, do contain smoke but they do not contain tar and carbon monoxide which can be damaging to your lungs and cause a variety of health issues. Hemp smokes are a great way for smokers to quit traditional cigarettes and avoid the harmful health effects associated with smoking them. 

KHOOR Cigarettes

KHOOR cigarettes are made using hemp, a cannabis plant that is different than marijuana. Unlike marijuana derived products, industrial hemp plants do not contain high levels of THC or none at all. In fact, hemp cigarettes emit a much milder smell than regular tobacco cigarettes due to the presence of terpenes and other cannabinoids. This means they can be smoked without worrying about the health risks associated with smoking tobacco. Additionally, many cannabis products such as Simpson oil and CBD oil contain high concentrations of beneficial compounds such as terpenes and other cannabinoids that may provide therapeutic benefits.

Hemp, on the other hand, is a plant that naturally produces cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) and psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Unlike cigarettes, hemp cigarettes contain only a negligible amount of THC and are not psychoactive, you will not experience a ‘high’. Purely tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine and other chemicals, as well as stuffing made from various plants. Hemp CBD cigarettes, however, are made from high-strain plants that contain CBD in higher amounts than a cigarette would. 

With hemp CBD cigarettes, you can use them like regular tobacco cigarettes, inhaling the smoke when you burn one end and exhaling it out. The fill inside of a hemp CBD cigarette is not tobacco but instead flower fill from a hemp plant. The opposite end of the cigarette typically has a similar manager to that of traditional tobacco cigarettes so that you can use it the same way as a person would something like a normal cigarette. 

The Main Difference

The main difference between hemp and tobacco is that hemp is derived from the plant Cannabis Sativa, whereas smoking tobacco is derived from the plant Nicotiana tabacum. Hemp flowers, which are the primary source of most smoked cannabis products, are dried and made into a raw hemp fill for rolling papers. The smoke produced by burning these plants can cause similar effects as smoking marijuana or traditional tobacco cigarettes, but without any of the nasty additives found in cigarettes. KHOOR Cigarettes are also a great alternative to smoking marijuana or traditional tobacco cigarettes as they provide many of the same indications with less moisture and more effective rolling than raw hemp fill.


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